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Thu, Jan. 1st, 2004, 10:17 pm
an unforgettable new years...at least the parts i remember

This was a great new years 4 me b/c i was finally allowed out. my mother drove me 2 my friend's house at around 1:00 a.m. and as soon as i got to alex's (i love alex even though he isnt all that good-looking) steve came up 2 me and told me that laura (clay's girlfirend) doesnt see clay as a boyfriend....she only sees him as a friend. now this news got me uberly upset so i had a cigarette and got shitfaced. i love drinking but the bad thing is i turn into a slut when i get drunk. so at alex's i started hanging all-over Spencer (i feel so bad about that) and as soon as alex came down 2 the basement i was on him (i have a crush on alex but if i were sober i so would not have even touched him b/c lord only knows what he and that fat retarded maureen were doing). one of the highlights of the night 4 me was that alex finally did the russian dance 4 me he said that he learned it 4 me b/c i kept asking him 2 do it b/c every russian should b able 2 do the russian dance! so after the dancing we all went out 4 a cig and on our way back in alex decided he would carry me down the stairs and he dropped me and my head starts bleeding. so we all pile into 2 cars and go 2 a hospital (its like 4:49 am). jen, alex, eric, mo, and i were all in the same car and alex was geting scared b/c my hands were fucking cold as fuck. so alex takes my hand and his and starts rubbing it but it doesnt help. we all finally get 2 the hospital and they start asking me all these fucking questions and i totally just wanted the fucking hospital people 2 shut-up.so the second car finally arrives at the hospital and man i was cracking jokes ike crazy ....everyone was fucking laughing at me b/c apparently i should b in the wrost pain and i'm being jackass.then the nurse comes over and says where 2 go but only one person can come with and so jen comes. she was so awesome 2 me ....everyone was she told me that alex wanted 2 come with me and that poor spencer was about cry...man i felt soooo bad. i felt like i ruined everyones new years but they all said that it was ruined....just more exciting. i end up getting 5 stitches in my head, jen ends up puking from seeeing all my blood on the pillow when i got up , and clay steals some get well soon balloons from a hallway in the hospital 4 me. we leave at around 5:51 and head back 2 the house and i head straight for my cigs and alex puts his arm around me and helps me outside. after the cig alex helps me wash the blood out of my hair in the sink and takes me to his room to lay down and mayb go 2 sleep 4 a bit. they wake me up at 7 and some of us get into spencers car to go home and kevin walks me 2 my house b/c i'm gonna fall or something and thats the end of the shit worth writing about.

Wed, Dec. 3rd, 2003, 11:33 am

yay i got accepted 2 depaul! now i cant pick between depaul and loyola. damn. christmas is comming soon. blah. i dont have enough money 2 buy people things. o well i'll figure it out. i'm so fucking tired it blows. i dont want 2 b here right now.

Mon, Nov. 24th, 2003, 11:38 am
in lunch again....

man i'm stting her in the library 2 get away from the people who sit @ my table and what happens? little by little they all follow me here. I want then 2 leave me alone and stop their crying. we all have problems so they should just shut-up about it. 3 out of the 4 are w/ me now and this sux. Now some junior came in and shes crying about how she cant go out over thanksgiving break. breaks like a week long...i've been grounded for months at a time. jesus. stupid little spoild brats. i cant wait until they get 2 b on their own w/o mommy and daddy paying 4 their bmw's, gas, insurence, and cell phones.and you'd think w/ all the money this damn school gets they could at least turn on the heat.

so julie kathy and brian came back on friday. yep that was totally AWKWARD!!! Julie was talking shit about Kathy 2 me and Jen just a few weeks ago and they're all buddy buddy and whispering 2 eachother. I suspect they're talking about jen and i. sadly, i dont think i can put that past julie. she is a girl and all girls gossip, there's not one girl who doesnt. i wish i didnt but its hard not to. n.e.ways i dont think i have 2 break up w/ brian b/c i really dont feel like i'm even going out w/ him n e more so no big deal. he seems 2 wanna get on jen and he never called while he was in iowa an dreallyh didnt talk 2 me at all the day b4 he left 4 school so whatev. bells rung.

Wed, Nov. 19th, 2003, 11:43 am

Hooray 4 sparknotes! Now I dont have 2 read that book!

I just got an account w/ artconspiracy.com and i hope 2 post some of my photos up there soon.

Yesterday i went out and bought the edition of Two Towers w/ deleted scenes. I can't wait 2 watch it when i get home. (i know its nerdy but whatever i dont give a shit)

Wow. i'm in a pretty good mood 2day, things arent getting 2 me so much ne more.

So greg eric steve and jen made up a band called the gnomes and now they made me b in it and wont let me not b. yeah so i'm kinda stuck in that and i dont want 2 do it. were supposed 2 go 2 iowa this weekend 2 practice but i dont think my mom will let and i kinda dont want 2. iowa's boring and i hate being in the car for such a long time and julies comming back 2 chicago on friday. i havent seen her in 4ever and i wanna hang out w/ her not leave her in chicago and go 2 iowa.

Thu, Nov. 13th, 2003, 11:29 am

I'm sitting in my school library right now have more fun than i could ever imagine. Yeah. right. These little sophmores r so funny, they think they're such badasses for check their e-mail in school......god forbid. I can't wait to go home i cant stand being here. this place its like a prision. i'm so sick of it here everyone thinks they're better than everyone else and complain about homework. give me a break. ITS SCHOOL! do u expect 2 go 2 school and just sit on your ass all fuckin day while ur parents pay 4,000 a year 2 send u here? The girls here never cease 2 amaze with their stupidity. "like omigod i totally like cant believe that i like have an F in that class!" o and one of my faves...."park ridge is the ghetto". I really wonder what the fuck is wrong with their parents y dont these preppy little blonde "perfect" bitches know anything? didnt they have parents? I never knew it was possible 2 b such a valley girl until i came 2 this school. It seems that (well in this school at least)the further into the burbs u grew up the less common sense u have. and as if the mumbling idiots aren't enough we have a vast aray of posers who just cant get enough afi or nfg or other abbriviated pop-wethinkwerepunk bands. The only things i like about this place r my friends and tolkien class teacher he's the best. Mr. Longo goes on these random rants. he talks about how the gov, bush, and industrialists suck. he rawks my sawks. the man looks like a hobbit and he's compeletely obsessed with Lord of the Rings and hes souch an adorable little old man.
ASh i'm so sorry 4 yelling at u on phone yesterday i thiought u were my sis.

Tue, Feb. 25th, 2003, 06:35 pm

Have you ever liked so much that it hurt so bad when you realized you couldn't have that person?

Wed, Feb. 5th, 2003, 09:25 pm

Wow its been a hell of a long time since I've written in this thing. I guess I got more private. But I have a new friend!!!!

<td align="center">
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Love-A-Lot Bear,

She was adopted on

<enter date here>

Adopt your own
Care Bear at:


Mon, Sep. 16th, 2002, 11:05 pm

krazygurl270 [10:53 PM]: Kochski: married to this guy who she met at a concert, this concert she went psycho and fainted and this one guy saved her from getting smached, he took her to a secluded area to get her back to her-self and all better . . . and that explains her 2 children, who now sing in their own sisterly love band, steph does not approve of the music they like to sing, so she tells them to sing *normal* music, the kids get famous and rob the parents of their money and steph and her husband are living in a cardboard box & doesnt stop them from still loveing e/o cuz its valentines day! they fall in love and really live happioly ever after, under the sea.... well under a bridge but close enough like the little mermaid!
krazygurl270 [10:53 PM]: February 14, 2024
WiReDStArLiNG [10:55 PM]: omfg
krazygurl270 [10:55 PM]: lol! but its the truth!
krazygurl270 [10:55 PM]: im psychic
WiReDStArLiNG [10:55 PM]: oic
WiReDStArLiNG [10:58 PM]: LOST
WiReDStArLiNG [10:58 PM]: Am
WiReDStArLiNG [10:58 PM]: I
krazygurl270 [11:00 PM]: u r lost
krazygurl270 [11:00 PM]: ok i think i need to go eat somethin and then go to sleep
WiReDStArLiNG [11:00 PM]: yes me 2
krazygurl270 [11:00 PM]: ok im gonna go then
krazygurl270 [11:00 PM]: night night
krazygurl270 [11:00 PM]: enjoy the dark while its here
krazygurl270 [11:01 PM]: bububye
WiReDStArLiNG [11:01 PM]: lol nighty night batman
krazygurl270 [11:01 PM]: im not batman!
krazygurl270 [11:01 PM]: lol
WiReDStArLiNG [11:01 PM]: ok whatever u say batman
krazygurl270 [11:01 PM]: night night- im the bride of frankenstein
krazygurl270 [11:01 PM]: lol!
WiReDStArLiNG [11:02 PM]: ok sure u r batman
krazygurl270 [11:02 PM]: im mortisha
krazygurl270 [11:02 PM]: i have pugly and wednsday
WiReDStArLiNG [11:02 PM]: good night batman
krazygurl270 [11:02 PM]: im gonna name my kids wednsday
krazygurl270 [11:02 PM]: remind me that when i get married tosome guy and have kids ok?
krazygurl270 [11:02 PM]: haahah
WiReDStArLiNG [11:02 PM]: but batman ur a man
WiReDStArLiNG [11:03 PM]: yes goodnight batman u manly man u
krazygurl270 [11:03 PM]: LOL!!!
WiReDStArLiNG [11:03 PM]: BATMANS A MANWHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
krazygurl270 [11:03 PM]: lol!
WiReDStArLiNG [11:03 PM]: LOL!!!!!!!
krazygurl270 [11:03 PM]: LOL!!
krazygurl270 [11:04 PM]: lol! ok ey bubuey
krazygurl270 [11:04 PM]: night night
WiReDStArLiNG [11:04 PM]: goodnight my beloved batman

Mon, Sep. 16th, 2002, 10:36 pm
***iTS BeeN a LoNG TiMe***

Wow a lot has happend since I last wrote I went to mexico and came back from mexico I went back to school and was forced to dye my hair back to normal and I got a tattoo.

Happy Birthday to Jon of KH!

Thu, Jul. 25th, 2002, 06:16 pm
***My CoNVoS...PioNTLeSS***

WakkoBlues [5:29 PM]: ruff
WiReDStArLiNG [5:30 PM]: quack
WakkoBlues [5:30 PM]: bleet
WiReDStArLiNG [5:30 PM]: bleet?
WakkoBlues [5:30 PM]: Yah, like a goat
WakkoBlues [5:30 PM]: Or a sheep
WakkoBlues [5:30 PM]: Thats a bleet
WiReDStArLiNG [5:31 PM]: ok well i'll just pretend like I know what ur talking about....mayb I'm stupid
WakkoBlues [5:31 PM]: Hey.. don't feel bad, took me a long time to find that out
WakkoBlues [5:31 PM]: I always wondered what it was called
WakkoBlues [5:31 PM]: It's a stupid name for it too
WiReDStArLiNG [5:31 PM]: lol...yeah it is
WakkoBlues [5:32 PM]: complete lack of onomonopia
WiReDStArLiNG [5:32 PM]: who is this? ur funny
WakkoBlues [5:32 PM]: A stranger
WakkoBlues [5:32 PM]: ...But I have candy
WiReDStArLiNG [5:32 PM]: lol....yummy
WakkoBlues [5:33 PM]: *opens the van door*
WiReDStArLiNG [5:33 PM]: *climbs in*
WakkoBlues [5:33 PM]: Score
WiReDStArLiNG [5:33 PM]: LOL!!!
WakkoBlues [5:34 PM]: Eye have a profile
WakkoBlues [5:34 PM]: Makes me special
WiReDStArLiNG [5:34 PM]: 4 aol?
WakkoBlues [5:34 PM]: ftj
WiReDStArLiNG [5:34 PM]: oooo
WakkoBlues [5:35 PM]: I love your hair
WiReDStArLiNG [5:35 PM]: thanx!
WakkoBlues [5:35 PM]: Wanna know about me?
WakkoBlues [5:35 PM]: :)
WiReDStArLiNG [5:35 PM]: lol ok
WakkoBlues [5:36 PM]: I sing in a black metal band, I'm 18, I smoke pot and watch cartoons all day
WakkoBlues [5:36 PM]: That about sums it up
WakkoBlues [5:36 PM]: ;)
krazygurl886 [6:10 PM]: how did they mess up my last name?? lol
krazygurl886 [6:10 PM]: i still donno how u can confuse the m and j...
krazygurl886 [6:10 PM]: lol ohh well
WiReDStArLiNG [6:11 PM]: lol....the gov. is stupid
krazygurl886 [6:11 PM]: yes yes they are
krazygurl886 [6:11 PM]: and their probably tapping into our train of thought about that now
krazygurl886 [6:11 PM]: sending little buzzz to r brains
WiReDStArLiNG [6:11 PM]: yup yup yup
krazygurl886 [6:11 PM]: electric shocks
WiReDStArLiNG [6:11 PM]: I feel it
krazygurl886 [6:11 PM]: buzzz aghh
WiReDStArLiNG [6:11 PM]: bizzzt
krazygurl886 [6:12 PM]: ahh
krazygurl886 [6:12 PM]: shock
krazygurl886 [6:12 PM]: bizzzuuuuddd

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